We develop
corporate identity
for companies
More than 10 years
We develop
corporate identity
for companies
More than 10 years
What will corporate identity give you:
Competitive advantage
Having your own corporate identity, you will automatically be one step ahead of your competitors who do not have their own style
Your uniqueness
It will be faster and easier for the consumer to recognize and remember your brand in the conditions of increasing information noise
High status
A competent corporate identity will inspire confidence in the reliability of the company among potential partners and investors
Saving your money
Having a corporate identity will save budgets for promoting new products and your brand as a whole
Workflow efficiency
Corporate identity creates corporate cohesion of employees, a sense of belonging to a common cause increases staff loyalty to the employer, forms an internal corporate "patriotism"
Increase the effectiveness
of your advertising
Corporate identity helps to achieve a certain unity in advertising, which increases attention among consumers and partners
Why do customers order
corporate identity from us?
Develop options and make edits and adjustments to the completion
We provide further monitoring and follow-up
Make a preliminary analysis of the competitors and niches of the client
We have a unique design, without drains and templates
The founder of the agency is directly involved in the development
Among our customers are global companies
All the brands developed by us are still in use
We have 12 years of experience in development and over 250 companies in portfolio
Our cases
What is included in the development of corporate identity:
Collecting and analyzing information about the specifics of the company's activities and their competitors
Logo development. A graphic element (company symbol) that facilitates brand identification
Selection of branded fonts and typography – visual components that increase brand awareness
Creating color solutions – help to quickly identify a company, highlight its products or services against the background of competitors
Development of corporate graphics – concept, graphic solution, branded elements, patterns, icons that distinguish the company from others
Character, mascot – the face of the company
Development of branded media. For example: business card, letterhead, employee form, signboard, billboard, etc
Development of guidelines for the use of corporate identity (guideline) to maintain the integrity of the brand at all stages of implementation and promotion of the company
Why do market leaders choose us?
12 years of experience
Our team consists of specialists with experience of working in design more than 12 years
More than 500 projects
Completed more than 500 projects for companies that continue to apply the result of our work
5 years of working
During 5 years on the design services market, our company has established itself as a reliable partner
More than
20 cities
We cooperate with companies from 20 cities around the world, located on three continents
Stages of work with us
You leave a request on the site
Our manager will contact you within 15 minutes and will consult you
Project discussion
We hold a meeting with you, discuss the project, draw up the terms of reference and the terms of the project
Contract formation
At this stage we sign the contract, you make an advance and we get to work
You get a new corporate identity of your company
We give you the source code of the result of the work. You pay the rest for the work
Our clients
Answers to frequently asked questions:
What is corporate identity?
Corporate identity is not just a "logo-letterhead-business card". This is the whole appearance of the company, so to speak, "business packaging": from the organization's seal to the employee's badge, from the corporate font to the corporate website.

The logo is the main, but by no means the only element of the corporate identity. Usually it occupies only a small part of an advertising banner, website or some other point of contact of the client with the brand, therefore, to support the recognition and memorability of the latter, it is important to design all media in the same style.
What does the presentation of the concept with visualization look like?
The development of a corporate identity begins with the development of a logo, therefore, the presentation of concepts usually focuses on it, however, approximate concepts of various corporate identity carriers (business cards, uniforms, transport) and its elements (corporate colors, fonts, patterns) are always also shown.

Open an example presentation →

After choosing the concept, we proceed to the development of full-fledged design layouts for all the necessary media.
What will I get and why do I need different source files?
After agreeing on all the layouts, we will send you an archive with a full set of files that may be useful to you:

  • Logo in various sizes, color schemes and formats, suitable for any application method: printing, engraving, burning, etc.;
  • Other style-forming elements (patterns, fonts, etc.) in all necessary formats;
  • All layouts of corporate identity media (business cards, letterheads, banners, etc.) for use in the web, printing and other methods of application according to the relevant technical requirements of printing houses and other manufacturers;
  • Depending on the tariff, we also develop a guide for you on the use of corporate identity.
What is a guideline and what is it for?
The guideline is a guide to the use of corporate identity. The subject of the description in this manual is not only the logo, but also the entire corporate identity. Thanks to him, any new media (even those that were not originally planned) they will correspond to the same style.

Open an example of a guideline →
Unlimited edits within the concept — what does this mean?
When developing a corporate identity, we offer you different concepts to choose from. You can agree on one of them as final in the form in which I showed it, or make edits.

For example, you liked the idea of the logo itself, but did not like the style of execution — you would like to see slightly simpler/ more complex shapes, or a more cartoonish /strict style of drawing elements. Perhaps you didn't like the font, the color, the layout of the elements?

Everything is solved, we do not limit the number of edits made while preserving the very idea of the logo. The same applies to other elements of corporate identity and design of its carriers.
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