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Method of assessment of external (market, competitors) and internal (company marketing) environment in order to increase products or services sales.
  1. Evaluate the market. Identify and analyze competitors - close in turnover, industry leaders.
  2. Explore the prices of analog products. Check competitiveness of the brand - objectivity of margin size, the convenience of making a purchase, obvious benefits for customers.
  3. Determine the volume of purchase and/or production. Estimate demand for goods, make a production plan and reduce the probability of manufacturing illiquid.
  4. Internal marketing analysis - findlagging behind marketing channels, reduce budget «drain» and increase sales.
          This is a comprehensive plan of business promotion and increase sales.
          1. Global marketing strategy - expand geography sales of the company. Its goals: enter the international market; production according to the international standards taking into account the needs of customers from different countries; partnership with foreign brands.
          2. Basic marketing strategy - increase growth rate and volume by scaling up of production or reducing costs. Its goals: establishment of the company as one of the leaders of the market; significant gap between the company and its competitors; cost Reduction.
          3. Competitive marketing strategy - based on competitive advantages of business and market power distribution and the position of the company among the other brands in the industry.
              • implementation of partnership programs
              • attracting partners for lead generation
              • contracting partners
              • work with webmasters (affiliates)
              • Chat bot development
              • Intelligent Mailings
              • Data collection (parsing)
              • Services (call, VK restam, VK autoclips VC, LP tracker, getcourse)
              • Mobile Apps
              • SMM, serv, SEO, webinars
              • Marketplace
              • Google ADS
              • Facebook
              • Instagram
              • VK
              • My Target
              • Yandex.Direct
              • Outdoor advertising
              • Video screens
              • Promotions
              • Elevators, buses
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