Transport and auto


Customers have long thought of the upgrade off their brand to take the car dealership to a new level and scale. For this goal, a company definitely need to have recognizable and bright brand.
That’s why they came to us!

We have a detail approach to this project. And first of all, we have developed a new naming - CARNADO. Car - in English, nado - is part of the word "tornado". Why tornado? Because customers, like tornadoes, quickly work with their customers and help at all stages of the transaction. And the second meaning of naming - "You need an auto".

When the customers approved naming, we began to create a logo and corporate identity. Our unique approach in creating the brand is its development according to the rule of golden section. We often remind, even Iphone and Apple technics developed on the same rule. The logo reflected the symbol of a tornado through the image of a rising spiral. We reinforced the visual sign with the font logo of  CARNADO with branded elements.

For customers it was very new brand to reflect in their qualities in work - speed, quality, team and service.

We hope you will appreciate the rebranding of CARNADO