International Urban Forum 2020

Government orders Event marketing


Our goal was to create branding of the Urban 2020 International Forum, as well as to provide the development of this forum.

International Urban Forum 2020 was the first offline event in Bashkortostan after the pandemic. Many people worked on his organization, including the KANDA.PRO.

We have developed branding events ranging from ideas to the production of the entire development of the forum. The logo deserves special attention: its lines are filled with meanings and symbols, close to the idea of the forum. Our designers stylized the petals for high-rise buildings, and if you linger at the logo, you can see the road, the movement, the bright life of the metropolis and its development. We made sure that the corporate style elements reflected the slogan of the Forum: Territory of the future. The look from the heart of Eurasia.

What decorates any event? Stylish art objects! Photo zones that will become locations for pictures of all participants; installations that attract attention and awaken the imagination. At the International Urbanism Forum, such objects were planets with neon lights, in which the name of our capital was read, and, of course, a fountain with the figure of an elegant crane, which stood at the foot of the waterfall projection! All art objects have come a long way from pencil sketches to realization, and it was a very interesting new experience for us. We hope that there will be even more such tasks!

On June 30, 2020, Ufa really became the territory of the future - guests from all over Russia came to the capital, foreign architects and urbanists were also able to attend meetings together with the top officials of the republic, even by video link. Meetings and meetings were held simultaneously in several halls of the Congress Hall, at which issues on the improvement of small and large cities, ranging from small squares to the construction of multifunctional sports complexes, were discussed.